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Price in reward points: 170
Brand: CaJohns Fiery Foods
Product Code: C466
Availability: In Stock

2015 World Champion "Ultra Hot" Hot Sauce Category at the World Hot Sauce Awards!!!

It's kind of like a "kick in the groin". Our longest burn yet! Slow and excruiating. Step up to a mans sauce! Made with Ghost Chiles and Fatalii Chiles.

Heat Level:  XXX Extreme
The mongoose feeds on snakes and this one is no exception.  This sauce is extremely hot combining the Bhut Jolokia chile and the Fatalii chile. This sauce has a strong habanero taste and a long lasting burn. It's a roller coaster of a ride. It takes you up slowly and drops you down slowly.  Get goosed!
Need a little more heat...try the Black Mamba
Ingredients:  Bhut Jolokia Chiles, Fatalii Chiles, Vinegar, Natural Flavors (2oz)
Gluten Free

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