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Habanero Pepper Products

Model: 3010
Our Fire Dust now comes in 2 sizes for your enjoyment - 2.5oz and 6oz. A fiery combination for those who can never have it hot enough! Great for anyone who likes HOT & flavorful dishes. Take it everywhere, a blank-aid for food! Great on pizza and popcorn. Heat up your peanut butter with a das..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Model: 7609
Mamba 6 Hot Sauce is made with a select blend of Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar and 6 MILLION extract; making this Black Mamba sauce even more evil then its predecessor. Mamba 6's mission is to bring pain, with a never ending wave of venomous fire!  Go ahead, get bitten by this sauce! 2 oz ..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Model: 1553
CaJohns Black Mamba has a cult-like following.   With a POP of 65% and pepper extract...definitely has a bite.  The snakes are just for show...they aren't included with the sauce. Here is a review from is still this hot even though the packaging has changed slightly. H..
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: 1167
This Chipotle Habanero sauce is infused with Jim Beam Black Bourbon and is so delicious you’ll want to use it on everything! Great as a steak sauce or as topping for a burger. If you like this sauce, you should try our Chipotle Black Bean and Corn Salsa or our Blaze Hot Sauce Heat Level: ..
Ex Tax:$9.00
Model: 1921
We are the first to admit...we like the funny Butt Twister.  This habanero sauce will blow you away-- not only your taste buds will sizzle! Get the heat you need to make your day, butt-kicking flavor too! Heat Level:  6 For more fun...try Sir Fartalot's or Queen of ..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Model: 1813CB
Only the finest of ingredients are used in this gourmet line of sauce. It is a result of a careful selection of the very best available Red Savina® Habanero Chiles, fresh garlic, vinegar, herbs and spices. All exquisitely blended to produce not only the desired amount of heat, but a richness of flav..
Ex Tax:$7.50
CaJohns Burning Desire CBD Hot Sauce
New Online Only
Model: 3801
CaJohns Burning Desire CBD Hot Sauce is the latest kitchen creation.  This mixture contains the usual suspects: Orange Habaneros, vinegar, and salt, but we threw in a few twists... CBD Oil, pineapples, Papaya, and Guava.  The unique flavors combine a touch of sweetness from the&n..
Ex Tax:$12.00
Model: 1451-10
Four of the hottest chiles in the world come together and create this elixir worthy of CaJohns commitment to flavor and fire.  You've got to taste this one just to experience the fierce bite of the habanero in contrast to the smooth slice of fatalii and then the delay of the jolokia. ..
Ex Tax:$12.00
Model: 1833KK
Made from the fiery red savina habanero pepper, the only additive is a touch of vinegar. Heat Level: 8 POP:  80% Ingredients: Red Savina Habanero Chiles and Vinegar (5 oz) Gluten Free..
Ex Tax:$8.50
Model: C420
Warning! This sauce is as vicious as the creature portrayed on the label! It is a tasty blend, made with the World's two hottest chiles! This raptoresque elixir will devour your taste buds, leave a fiery trail through your system, and bite once more when leaving. Watch Out! It could leave you with a..
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: 1274QF
Named for Sir Fartalot’s Mistress, a perfect blend of tropical fruit, curry and just a few Habanero chiles - gentle heat, enjoyable for everyone, all natural too! Heat Level:  3 POP:   3% Pair the Queen with Sir FartaLot's for a royal couple. Try adding it to couscous for ..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Model: 1350
One of the hottest extract sauces ever made! A blend of Habaneros, tropical fruit and a hefty dose of 2 million Scoville Unit pepper extract! Be warned, this snake has a vicious bite. Keep away from children and small pets. Heat Level:  Insane POP:  11% Like the heat of extract? &..
Ex Tax:$10.00
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