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Fatalii Pepper Products

Model: 1376FF
This sauce is a Chilehead’s Nirvana.  With the fiery bite of the Fatalii Chile and the lovely blend of our Fire Dust spices, this tasty product has some serious fire! Heat Level: 8 POP: 75% If you like the fatalii chile--try our Fatalii puree or our Lethal Ingestion. Ingredient..
Ex Tax:$8.50
Model: 1450
2015 World Champion "Ultra Hot" Hot Sauce Category at the World Hot Sauce Awards!!! It's kind of like a "kick in the groin". Our longest burn yet! Slow and excruiating. Step up to a mans sauce! Made with Ghost Chiles and Fatalii Chiles. Heat Level:  XXX Extreme   The mongoose f..
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: 1796SC
Fatalii peppers combined with just enough vinegar to keep them preserved.  Nothing else added to get in the way of the pure flavor of the pepper itself. Heat Level:  8 POP:  80% Perfect to use in place of fresh peppers in your favorite recipes or simply add to mayo to give yo..
Ex Tax:$8.50
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