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Serrano Pepper Products

Model: 1389CA
Our taco-style Oaxacan hot sauce pays tribute to both the bold spirit of the Aztec warriors and those willing to sail half-way around the world to reveal their secrets. 2008 Zest Fest winner for best specialty sauce! When Cortez discovered the vast food markets of the Aztec Empire, he was asto..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Model: 1951CA
The great taste and medium heat of the Serrano chile with the earthy flavor of our chile-lime seasoning, add the robust flavor of roasted garlic and a hint of cumin and you have a wonderful Southwestern sauce. This sauce will add the perfect glow to your tacos, burritos, or enchiladas! It works well..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Model: 1190SC
Serrano peppers combined with just enough vinegar to keep them preserved. Nothing else added to get in the way of the pure flavor of the pepper itself. Heat Level:  5 POP:  80% Perfect to use in place of fresh peppers in your favorite recipes or simply add to mayo to give you..
Ex Tax:$8.50
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