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Ultra Hot Sauces

Only for the most experienced of hot sauce aficionados.  The fire contained within the sauces comes from extract of capsicum, the main ingredient in pepper spray!  These sauces could be considered Mace for Your Mouth!

Model: 7609
Mamba 6 Hot Sauce is made with a select blend of Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar and 6 MILLION extract; making this Black Mamba sauce even more evil then its predecessor. Mamba 6's mission is to bring pain, with a never ending wave of venomous fire!  Go ahead, get bitten by this sauce! 2 oz ..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Model: 1553
CaJohns Black Mamba has a cult-like following.   With a POP of 65% and pepper extract...definitely has a bite.  The snakes are just for show...they aren't included with the sauce. Here is a review from is still this hot even though the packaging has changed slightly. H..
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: 3832
Starts with a tingle on the lips... Then the taste of tropical fruit & ginger... Heat rises in the back of the mouth... Whole body heats up, deep breaths, pacing slowly, heat keeps building, uh oh...You’ve been BUMBLEF**KED!! Ginseng & caffeine for an added kick! EXTREMELY HOT!! ..
Ex Tax:$12.00
Model: 1794
This sauce is so COOL it will burn Ya! The world's first white hot sauce! Use it in beverages, adds heat to your cocktail without changing the flavor or color! Makes a fantastic "hot" martini, add fire to a margarita, or heat up your frosty cold beer! Made with 500,000 SHU extract. Heat Level: 9 ..
Ex Tax:$9.00
Model: 1531
Taste the IQ points melt away! One drop will Stoopify Ya! Heat Level:  INSANE POP:  39% Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Jalapeno Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Pepper Extract, Spices and Xantham Gum (natural thickener) (5 oz) Gluten Free..
Ex Tax:$8.00
Model: 1139MG
Contains 1 million SHU extract. Heat for heat sake. The first hot sauce you can use without getting burned! A full 1 million Scoville unit floats atop the vinegar. It hides under the shrink sleeve until you turn it over. Remember the Lava Lamp? Well that's the effect when you turn it over. Shake ..
Ex Tax:$11.00
Model: 1450
2015 World Champion "Ultra Hot" Hot Sauce Category at the World Hot Sauce Awards!!! It's kind of like a "kick in the groin". Our longest burn yet! Slow and excruiating. Step up to a mans sauce! Made with Ghost Chiles and Fatalii Chiles. Heat Level:  XXX Extreme   The mongoose f..
Ex Tax:$17.00
Model: 1350
One of the hottest extract sauces ever made! A blend of Habaneros, tropical fruit and a hefty dose of 2 million Scoville Unit pepper extract! Be warned, this snake has a vicious bite. Keep away from children and small pets. Heat Level:  Insane POP:  11% Like the heat of extract? &..
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: 1952WW
A Temptress with a MAJOR attitude! Over 2 millions scoville unit oleoresin of capsaicin blended with Red Savina habaneros makes this one of the hottest sauces on the market. Wanza hides her fire behind a complex personality that makes her irresistible! Watch out-she is wickedly evil! Heat Leve..
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: 1359ZN
Z...Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce is a tasty concoction that is hot, but It won't kill you, you might wish it did! Made with 4 million Scoville unit pepper extract, this sauce should only be used with extreme caution!  An award winning extract sauce that definitely brings fi..
Ex Tax:$11.00
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