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Herb of the Year -

Peppers Capsicum is the 2016 Herb of the YearTM

Every year since 1995, the International Herb Association has chosen an Herb of the Year™ to highlight. IHA Long-standing member, Chuck Voigt, who has been involved in the selection process for many years explains, "The Horticultural Committee evaluates possible choices based on them being outstanding in at least two of the three major categories: medicinal, culinary, or decorative". Herb societies, groups and organizations, from around the world, work together to educate the public about these important herbs throughout the year.

Throughout 2016, CaJohns will select a different pepper to highlight and will have special pricing on select product feature in these peppers..

May 2016: Featured Chili - Habanero Chile 100,000-350,000 SHIU

They are variants of the same species of hot pepper. The habanero is similar to the Scotch bonnet in size at 1 to 3 inches, but its shape is more pod-like. It's not as squat as the Scotch bonnet. And in terms of hear, they nearly identical, with some people saying the Scotch Bonnet actually beats out the habanero in terms of average heat.

Habanero are a South American pepper, unlike the Scotch bonnet which originates in the Caribbean. And like Scotch bonnets, you'll find it in many different varieties and colors, from red and orange to dark brown and nearly black.

Unlike many of the hotter peppers, habaneros have a unique, citrus-like taste that makes it very popular in hot sauces, powders, and rubs, lending itself to all sorts of culinary adventures. Very popular among chefs, both amateur and professional. 



Featured Habanero Products

These Habanero products are on sale from 5/1/16-5/31/16

Oaxacan Habanero Sauce

Pepperyaki Marinade

Habanero Mustard

Fire Dust

Scotch Bonnet Ketchup

Butt Twister Hot Sauce