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Flavor & Fire Store:   "It's not *just* hot sauce... it's CAJOHNS! This is locally-made goodness that literally (okay, figuratively) makes everything better.  I've mostly interacted with Doc, but everybody here is super friendly and helpful. They're passionate about their product and care about their community.   A superior product + amazing people = a winning combination".  Bryant M.  Columbus, OH (Yelp)


Flavor & Fire Store:  "If it's hot sauce you want, CaJohns Flavor & Fire has it!"  
—Rodney W.  Parma, OH


Flavor & Fire Store:  "CaJohns is a great stop when visiting my favorite place, the North Market. As far as samples go, CaJohns has the widest variety of things sitting out for people to taste. Be ready to sweat for your snack, most of the sauces and salsas pack a considerable level of heat. The fruit salsas stand out to me, I especially like the peach. I don't know how widely their products are distributed, but I imagine you can find everything they make at this location.  I like opportunities to share local products. It's a no-brainer to grab a bottle of hot sauce when I'm getting a gift together for someone. They love to do gift packs! Go check it out!"    
Aaron A.  Columbus, OH (Yelp)


Flavor & Fire Store:  "I came by here during the Arnold Weekend.  I tried one of their hot sauce and salsa samples and I was hooked. I ended up walking away with 6 mini bottles of the concentrated Scorpion, and Ghost chili puree.  I would have bought less, but the nice lady told me if I buy X bottles, I get 1 free.  I'm a sucker for a deal and I LOVE spicy foods." 
Richard D.  New York, NY (Yelp)


Flavor & Fire Store:  "As the Columbus Wing King, Cajohn's and I have known each other for years. While their products go beyond wings into salsa, barbeque and other sauces, we do share a philosophy on all things hot.  If you want to find out everything about all things hot, stop in for a visit, sample, and a few words."  Bill M. Columbus, OH (Yelp)


Flavor & Fire Store:  "Talk about a hot head. If you're one, this place will get you going.  Their stand in the North Market practically glows red. They offer free samples of a BUNCH of different sauces and salsas.  They've never been one to disappoint, as backed by their numerous awards and television features. They have gift baskets that can be customized upon request. There are also rubs and powders.  Cajohn's uses natural products and avoid preservatives.  Perhaps a good Christmas idea if you know someone who likes to spice things up".  
Morgan D.  Columbus, OH (Yelp)


Flavor & Fire Store:  "The mango salsa with habanero is awesome! Huge selection".  
Roman H.  Columbus, OH (Yelp)


CaJohns Factory Store:  "Great experience. I was super impressed. In the past I would have said I don't care for hot sauce but I learned so much and even found flavors I could enjoy and now I would say I'm a super fan. Definitely recommend."  
Charitee J.  Columbus, OH (Yelp)


CaJohns Factory Store:  "And here we were....Hot Sauce heaven. My husband and I tried all of the Jalokia we could. It did not disappoint!!! We ended up with some different salsas, some mustard, and some BBQ. We also made some friends along the way. Bottom line is that this company is all about its customers. You can try anything under the sun, and the folks there will not disappoint on hospitality. You feel as if you are part of the family when you walk in the doors. If you like salsa, hot sauce, mustard, or BBQ sauce, you need to stop on by and give it a try. It will not disappoint!! "
Jennifer H. Columbus, OH (Yelp)


"Home of the best salsas and hot sauces on the planet. If you like fiery foods you need to check this place out!"  
Ethan Clapham  (Google+)